I Turned 30 & It Was Alright Because I Was Saved By The Bell


I will be the first to admit, I was not that excited about turning 30, I was tripped up over it for most of my 29th year. To help to ease the stress of it all my friends and family helped me celebrate in the most amazing way, they let me pretend I was Kelly Kapowski! My best friend from high school and her boyfriend planned a SAVED BY THE BELL themed party and it blew me away. Even though it wasn’t a surprise, I was just surprised with every detail and was surprised by how decked out everyone was!


There was Saved by the Bell themed food and drinks and of course Buddy Bands (slap bracelets)! IMG_0757

Screech Pops!


It is hard to see but there are even candy caffeine pills!




The cookies were great too! I still have one in the freezer, maybe to preserve forever, or maybe I will eat it on my 31st birthday ( I doubt it will last two weeks before I eat it )IMG_0764

One of my favorite episodes is where the guys have to give girls hearts when they ask them to the dance and then they all have to wear the hearts around school! IMG_0766

Here is Katrina’s Instagram post! She killed this party. It was great…Kelly and Jessie forever!


We had a 90s photo booth set up ! All of the props were 90s themed or personalized for my party!IMG_0807

My mom and I!  I think she picked “Talked to the Hand” because she probably heard me say that repeatedly. IMG_0806

My Grandparents were able to come and my Grammy loved the Photo Booth!


My Dad holding the “all that and a bag of chips sign” if you know our family you get why that is hilarious! One of the best parts of the party was that it was at my parents house, it made it so relaxed and it was great just to have all my family and friends who are like family able to attend. It made it easy for my friends with kids to attend and I also got to introduce all of my favorite little humans to Saved By The Bell, they pretty much thought we were all nuts.

IMG_0842 IMG_0841 IMG_0840

I died when Trevor walked in dressed as AC Slater! I was not expecting that at all! The wig was so on point!IMG_0769 IMG_0771        IMG_0801 IMG_0783   IMG_0800 IMG_0789 IMG_0790  IMG_0798 IMG_0812       IMG_0820 IMG_0843 EVYC9926

With all the photo booth photos Katrina had a scrapbook put together and everyone signed it and wrote messages. I never felt so loved and blessed to have all of these people in my life, so many of them have been in my life on the greater part of the 30 years. I couldn’t think of a better way to turn 30 then to be surrounded by my people.

Also, I would like to note thus far 30 has been nothing but amazing, really great things happened since turning 30 and I laugh myself for how much pressure I put on the whole thing.  Here is to the next 30!

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