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My morning commute is under 4 miles, it takes me about 50 minutes. I have always been a music girl, playing 90s and early 00s pop through my ear buds during my commute. But in the past few months I decided to switch over to podcasts. I got hooked on podcasts last December when the first season of Serial was released. Since then I have been hooked on a variety of different podcasts. I started out just listening to them on long car trips or while I was cooking dinner, but slowly I have started listening to them more and more. One of my favorite times to listen to podcasts is when I am cleaning. They keep me focused. Unlike music, podcasts don’t cause me to dance around and sing; they don’t transform me into a pop star. It is amazing how much more I can accomplish in a short amount of time when I switch out music for podcasts.

While I am always trying out different podcasts, here are my current top five favorites:








1. Passion City Church- Last year my brother introduced me to Louie Giglio and the Passion City Church team. I have found the podcasts of their weekly messages to be really grounding and up lifting. They inspire me to take my faith to a deeper level and make me think of faith, love, hope, compassion and forgiveness differently then I ever have before. If you are looking to grow your faith then this is a must for you.


2. Presidential-  This is a new podcast sponsored by Washington Post. Reporter Lillian Cunningham is the host and the objective is to explore the character and legacy of each U.S. president in anticipation of Election Day 2016. While we are only two presidents in, I find the podcast to be intriguing and full of historical facts. I love it. Take the first podcast for example,  it focused on George Washington, a president that we would all say we know a far amount about. BUT, there is so much more to him then what we were taught in the classroom. The second episode not only discusses John Adams but also goes into great detail about the process of getting approval for and constructing a monument. Since the monuments are one of my favorite things about D.C. I was intrigued by this information.



3. Serial Season 2- I hear a lot of people discussing season two of Serial and how it isn’t the same as when it was featuring Adnan. I agree it is very different, but it is a good different. Season one focused on a murder case that had very little press coverage. This season focuses on the story of Bowe Bergdahl, a story that you most likely heard about before. It looks at why he ran off on his own into Afaganistan, it looks at his time held captive and it includes interviews with the Taliban! Bergdahl is facing two criminal charges for his actions in Afghanistan and one could lead to a life in prison sentence. Just like season one host Sarah Koenig looks at the story from all sides and lets listeners process and decide if Bergdahl is deserving of the sentence.


4. This American Life- This is an oldie but always a goodie. It always amazes me how they can take ideas that I wouldn’t think there would be a lot to talk about transform it into an hour long conversation. I could not believe when they spent a whole episode talking about home movies and what we can learn from them about families and human structure. My favorite recently was the one on propaganda. This podcast is weekly, there is always a theme a a variety of stories to go along with the theme. Serial is a spinoff of this series so chances are if you are a Serial fan you will love This American Life too.


What podcasts are you listening to? Share your favorites with me in the comments below! I am always looking to add new podcasts to my favorites list.

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