It’s Britney in Vegas


Ever since Britney Spears started her residency in Las Vegas, I swore I would go as a treat to myself for turning 30. The more I kept talking about it the more I actually became committed to actually taking the trip. I thought what better way to celebrate the milestone than singing along live (to be honest I think I might have sung more than her) with my favorite pop star from my youth. There was no one I would have rather rocked out to all the hits with than my best friend who has been my partner in crime for 25 years. The more we talked about the trip, it seemed silly that it was a birthday trip since my birthday is still five months away, so instead we decided it was a Frienaversary trip! Our friendship is so special and has withstood all of the changes that come with growing up. I realize more and more every day how much of a gift it is!



Wearing our best “we are with Britney” outfits, I went with bright pink, I thought the bright color would be my best chance to grab her attention!


Before the show we had cocktails at the Britney and JLO themed bar. I had the Femme Fatale (name of a Britney Album) and Katrina had the Britney Blue Jean. Kat let me taste some of hers, both were amazing!

IMG_8690 Putting my money on Britney because I feel like if she can come back from 2007 she is a safe bet! Below you will see they had a lot of Britney’s famous outfits on display! My favorite of course, was the Star Search outfit!

IMG_8273 IMG_8274


The pictures from the show were not that great too much movement and bright lights for my iphone, but our seats were amazing, there actually couldn’t have been a bad seat in the house.

IMG_8292 IMG_8294  I took this one because it reminded me of Britney being an angel at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC!

IMG_8329 After the show, we met this guy…I almost asked him to go to one of those famous Vegas  wedding chapels :)

It was so great to see Britney on the stage, doing well. This number one fan was very pleased! She even remixed some Missy Elliot, which I was not expecting! This trip is unforgettable, for more adventures from our Las Vegas adventure click here!

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