I Didn’t Leave My Heart In San Francisco, But I Got Some Cool Pictures


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for a lengthy work trip. While my job kept me plenty busy, I made sure I found some time to walk around and explore the city with my camera.  Since I had been to San Francisco multiple times before I didn’t feel a ton of pressure to hit all the big tourist attractions. Instead I woke up early and explored neighborhoods with a morning walk and local coffee. I enjoyed a sunset at Chrissy Fields over looking the Golden Gate Bridge. I walked along the bay just enjoying watching all the sail boats and ate a lot of really good seafood. Also through the conference I was attending, I received a tour of AT&T park, which was pretty cool! (Sheryl Crowe was also at the park at the same time, we did not cross paths).

Since I haven’t shared any of my photos for awhile, below I am going wild and sharing a ton of photos. There are really too many good ones for me to pick from. Obviously the photos with me in them are iPhone selfies  and not taken with my DSLR like the other photos.

walkview chinatown1 fishermans crabs2 seafood seagull Ferrybuilding bus sailboat2 sailboat lovesfbay


golden2 gullgolden gull goldengateboat fogbridge ggsunny ggsunset1 gatesun dogplaying closeupgg goldengatesunny

IMG_7092 IMG_7090 IMG_7097 IMG_7153 IMG_6837 IMG_6838 IMG_6880 IMG_6966
I told you there were a lot! Hope you enjoyed the photos; and if you have been following along with my photography journey, I hope you can notice an improvement in my skills :) Onward and upward! 

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