A Summer Of Focus


This summer I decide that I wanted to focus on doing good things for myself. It wasn’t that I was a horrible person ( at least I hope no one thinks that) or that I made choices that were horrible or hurtful to myself.  I just wanted to spend the summer doing some self-exploration, personal […]

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Dancing On My Own

Best Friend Coast Day

  Last Sunday evening was the perfect evening to curl up with hot tea and watch Girls reruns. After a weekend of non stop hanging with friends, beer festivals, concerts, parties and beautiful weather it seemed like the perfect way to relax. The scene above is one of my all time favorites. As I watched […]

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Basking In Happiness


I know I know, I skipped last weeks update. I did however still photograph. I did not blog because I was busy creating the new site layout! I hope you are enjoying the new All Things Augusta! This weeks photos are a mash-up of last weeks and this weeks. I didn’t post all of them […]

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Happiness Is…


Three weeks into my 365 Happiness Photo Challenge and I have yet to miss a day ( I am patting myself on the back). I haven’t found the task of capturing a photo each day to be difficult yet. I am not sure if that speaks volumes about the level of happiness in my life […]

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DIY Coffee Canister Vase


It has been over three months since I re-moved across the country and moved into my first studio apartment. At this point I felt pretty confident that I had all the housewares I needed to survive. That is until I went to pull out a vase to showcase a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I never […]

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