A Summer Of Focus


This summer I decide that I wanted to focus on doing good things for myself. It wasn’t that I was a horrible person ( at least I hope no one thinks that) or that I made choices that were horrible or hurtful to myself.  I just wanted to spend the summer doing some self-exploration, personal […]

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DIY Coasters


I thought my new mosaic table  could use some equally as awesome coasters to go with it. The project isn’t anything new in the DIY world, I have seen quite a few blogs featuring “DIY Instagram Coasters”. However I always wanted to make them, and I always wondered if they were really as easy and functional […]

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A Beautiful New Adventure


The above photo was taken in 2010 when I first moved to Oregon. I love this picture because I am standing in front of the Hawthorne Bridge.  When I first saw this bridge I fell in love.  Years later this bridge is extremely special to me,  it reminds me of some really great times and […]

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Capturing Fall

fall boots

As much as it pains to me to follow the crowd, I am going to jump onto the I LOVE FALL bandwagon. (The wagon has pumpkin spice lattes!!) There are all of the obvious reasons for loving Fall such as, leaves changing color, pumpkins, squash, Halloween etc. But, my favorite has to do with change. […]

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