A Summer Of Focus


This summer I decide that I wanted to focus on doing good things for myself. It wasn’t that I was a horrible person ( at least I hope no one thinks that) or that I made choices that were horrible or hurtful to myself.  I just wanted to spend the summer doing some self-exploration, personal […]

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A Beautiful New Adventure


The above photo was taken in 2010 when I first moved to Oregon. I love this picture because I am standing in front of the Hawthorne Bridge.  When I first saw this bridge I fell in love.  Years later this bridge is extremely special to me,  it reminds me of some really great times and […]

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Life Advice


I recently stumbled across an awesome blog post via Pinterest. The post was written by a Mommy Blogger and in the post she compiled a list of life advice she wants to pass on to her daughter. The post was kind of depressing at first because it was all about how she was updating her […]

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Cha Cha Changes


Its Fall!! I love how Fall always brings about changes and new things to become excited about! I am currently swapping out my wardrobe and no longer wearing this….. But instead wearing this… I love going through my closet and finding all kinds of good things I forgot about since they have been tucked away […]

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Sunday Catch Up


I love this quote. I stumbled across it while pinning this week and it couldn’t be more fitting. I have been working on job applications all week. Writing cover letters is not something I enjoy and I get exhausted quickly writing them. I think I am going to print this out and plaster it all […]

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Putting In Time

If this isn’t motivation to work I don’t know what is. Oatmeal and coffee my main food staples.  Trying to crank out an insane number of cover letters today. I am struggling with trying to make time for this task with everything else I have going on. It is crazy how fast time can just […]

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DIY Clay Bangles


  This time last year I discovered a love for working with clay. If you ever have the chance to take a pottery class please please do so. With that said…you can also learn to work with clay at home. I am currently trying to perfect my wheel throwing skills but I was missing hand […]

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