It’s Britney in Vegas


Ever since Britney Spears started her residency in Las Vegas, I swore I would go as a treat to myself for turning 30. The more I kept talking about it the more I actually became committed to actually taking the trip. I thought what better way to celebrate the milestone than singing along live (to […]

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Creativity Through Music


Usually at the end of every blog post I propose a questiong asking about what you are doing to inspire creativity. I phrase in different ways asking about projects, photos or experiences. The other day I realized I failed to acknowledge or ask about what types of music are sparking creativity. In the past two […]

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Life is Spontaneous


Friday was amazing. It was one of those days where the events of the day just fell into place with out any careful planning. After an intense morning of kick boxing my friend Hannah and I sat in the car getting ready to head home. I looked at her and said “I know I should […]

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