A Beautiful New Adventure


The above photo was taken in 2010 when I first moved to Oregon. I love this picture because I am standing in front of the Hawthorne Bridge.  When I first saw this bridge I fell in love.  Years later this bridge is extremely special to me,  it reminds me of some really great times and […]

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Cha Cha Changes


Its Fall!! I love how Fall always brings about changes and new things to become excited about! I am currently swapping out my wardrobe and no longer wearing this….. But instead wearing this… I love going through my closet and finding all kinds of good things I forgot about since they have been tucked away […]

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Life is Spontaneous


Friday was amazing. It was one of those days where the events of the day just fell into place with out any careful planning. After an intense morning of kick boxing my friend Hannah and I sat in the car getting ready to head home. I looked at her and said “I know I should […]

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