A Summer Of Focus


This summer I decide that I wanted to focus on doing good things for myself. It wasn’t that I was a horrible person ( at least I hope no one thinks that) or that I made choices that were horrible or hurtful to myself.  I just wanted to spend the summer doing some self-exploration, personal […]

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Summer…Is That You?

Purple hair portland OR

I hesitate to jump the gun and scream in excitement that summer is here but…its really hard not to! The warm weather and clear blue skies has me feeling like it is the end of June instead of April. With summer “in the air” I am getting really antsy for all my summer plans and […]

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Sometimes Happiness is Hard

All Things Augusta

For the most part I try to keep everything on this blog upbeat and full of good energy. At the start of 2013 I embarked on a 365 day project, devoting myself to celebrating happiness everyday by photographing something that makes me happy…every…single…day. Up until the last two weeks I thought this project was a piece […]

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Basking In Happiness


I know I know, I skipped last weeks update. I did however still photograph. I did not blog because I was busy creating the new site layout! I hope you are enjoying the new All Things Augusta! This weeks photos are a mash-up of last weeks and this weeks. I didn’t post all of them […]

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Guess What I Am Happy


Despite a lot of random chaos this past week I managed to remain on track with my happiness project. I am actually pretty surprised at how easy it has been to keep my commitment to this goal. For those of you who are late to the party, I decided to devote myself to take one […]

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Happiness Is…


Three weeks into my 365 Happiness Photo Challenge and I have yet to miss a day ( I am patting myself on the back). I haven’t found the task of capturing a photo each day to be difficult yet. I am not sure if that speaks volumes about the level of happiness in my life […]

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