Books and Cats in Yoda Hats


It is officially the last week of classes for my first semester of grad school! Where did that time  go? Actually I know where it went, and I am going to save that for and upcoming post when I have had more time to reflect on the the last four months.  As I sit here and drink my morning coffee (multiple cups), my intention is to work on my 10 page paper due Thursday, instead I am thinking about all the books I plan on reading when the semester is over. Over the last 12 weeks I have kept a continuously growing pile. Not sure I will be able to get all of these read in the three week break before summer classes start (fingers crossed that I am taking one, if anyone is a stats genius and wants to help me prep for prerequisite test, I will buy you pizza and beer), but I am going to try.


Also no Monday is complete without this picture of Atticus wearing a Yoda hat. It perfectly sums up everything we all feel about Mondays. I refer to this photo for a good laugh way to often. I know this post was short, but just wanted to jot down some quick thoughts. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


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